Artificial lighting is one of the signs of modern civilization. 

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Artificial lighting is one of the signs of modern civilization. The fact is that an open flame, such as a fire, an incense and even a fireplace, have low efficiency and, with the exception of the latter, are hardly compatible with living space. Oil lamps and candles were replaced by gas horns and kerosene lamps. However, the dangerous fire, which burns out oxygen and fills the room with carbon dioxide, was not the best option either.  

Initially, electricity did not succeed too much in making it utilitarian. Electrified amber, weakly interacting with bits of paper, the mysterious lights of St. Elmo, lightning - all these did not fit into the interior. It wasn't until a hundred and fifty years ago that the world saw the incandescent light bulb. Now the number of electrical devices is large and varied, but a variety of lamps, and even more so LED products among them confidently lead the way.  

Engineers, over a long period of time, have been perfecting lamps, but for decades the source of illumination has remained a thin filament, which has been glowing with current. Although both Edison and Tesla experimented with discharge lamps at the end of the 19th century, the precursors of today's fluorescent lamps, the filament was still more commonly used for lighting purposes. And right now, traditional incandescent and incandescent bulbs, as well as LED versions, are on the shelves.   

And in our online store you can buy lamps and lights of different power and absolutely any form factor. Thanks to unification, they all have the same standards for the way the bulbs are connected to the network and the current. There are low-voltage versions: 12, 24, 36 V, which work with AC 220V, as well as with the power for all occasions - from 15 and up to 500 watts.   

Let's remember that lighting is not just about apartment or entryway bulbs. It's also lighting in offices, homes, factories or warehouses, on overpasses and streets, on highways, but also in subways and even mines. Here you will find not only the usual household lamps, but also gas-filled lamps - sodium, mercury, metal halide, sodium, halogen, and even high-frequency strobe lights.  

Thanks to the luminaires and accessories for them, it is possible to achieve the right light mode. You can adjust the lighting for bedroom or kitchen, office or reception. In short, for absolutely any interior. The need arises for household fixtures, industrial fixtures with different design, power projectors. They illuminate the warehouse area, production facilities, etc. In our shop you will find emergency battery lights, transformers and LED chokes, flashlights, nightlights, ballasts, electric cartridges of different types.  

Incandescent lamps, compared with fluorescent and LED products of the same light output, show low efficiency, but have a lower price. However, the novelties are becoming more affordable, and there is no doubt about their effectiveness. Industrial premises at the moment are still lit by halogen and fluorescent versions, but in apartments and offices are already using more economical energy-saving lamps. In addition to cost-effectiveness, they have a long service life, and with equal parameters of illumination they consume less energy.  

Manufacturers continue to improve incandescent lamps, which contributes to increasing their service life. By replacing the inert gas in the bulb with halogens, their service life increases fivefold. But the disadvantages still include low energy efficiency. But there is a plus - the usual light spectrum.  

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