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Spring innovations: What's new in lighting?

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Spring innovations: What's new in lighting?

Spring is the time when nature comes alive and our homes also want a refresh. One of the best ways to do this is with lighting. The new season brings with it a number of trends and innovations that can take the lighting in your home to a whole new level. Here are some new directions in the lighting world:


During the spring time, many people are looking for simplicity and clarity in their homes. As a result, minimalist lighting is a great choice. Built-in lamps, modest forms and calm colors create a calm and modern atmosphere in the room.

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High tech

Technology is also influencing the world of lighting. Nowadays, it is possible to control the lighting with remote control, adjust the brightness of the light and choose different materials and colours of the lamps. It allows you to create the perfect lighting in your home according to your mood and needs.

Photo of a modern dining room featuring a sleek and stylish tabl

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Loft style

Industrial motifs, original pendant lights and rough design are important features of the loft style. If you want to create a trendy and modern atmosphere in your home, you might want to consider adding lights in this style.

Loft valgustid

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Natural materials and oriental motifs are especially popular in spring. Ethno-style lamps bring warmth and closeness to nature to your home and create a cozy atmosphere.


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Art déco

Art Deco style is characterized by geometric shapes, vintage style glassware and natural stones. If you love glamor and elegance, you might want to consider Art Deco style lighting for your home.


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Scandinavian style

Scandinavian-style lamps offer plenty of comfortable light, simple forms and natural colours. They are perfect for minimalist and modern home decor.

laevalgustid belid

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Combinations of non-standard shapes and colors and textures are in fashion. If you want something new and unique in your home, you might want to consider installing modern lighting.

HL Motown HB06007350020 S 001

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Classic style

Classic lights are always in fashion. Lamp domes made of glass or fabric and classic forms create an elegant and timeless atmosphere in your home.

interior DIA890 CL 05 G standard.jpeg

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In conclusion, we can say that spring brings with it many new opportunities and inspiration in the field of lighting as well. Whether you prefer minimalist style or classic elegance, it's important to choose lighting that matches both the style and personality of your home. Hopefully, the suggestions here will help you find the right lighting for your home and make spring even brighter!


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