Hang fixtures correctly: 5 recommendations  

Riputame valgustid

It seems that hanging a lamp is the easiest operation, but in fact, some nuances are important to take into account. And therefore it is necessary to know how to hang the lamp, and also to know what in general there are options for the location of the chandelier in different interiors.  

Take into account the type of room in which we place the chandelier  

The location of a light fixture above a desk or dining table, as well as a bar counter, is determined by several factors. Among the nuances:  

  • the appearance and dimensions of the lighting fixture itself;
  • ceiling height;
  • the room itself, where the luminaire will be placed;  
  • Your own wishes.

In addition to these characteristics, there are some universal and effective tips, thanks to which you can competently place the lamp in almost any room. It is necessary to keep them in mind when you are going to organize lighting in a room. 
Remember that if there is a movement of people in the room, the lamp should not hang lower than 2 meters. This is to ensure that the housemates and visitors do not catch it with their hands or even their heads. No need to give preference exclusively to built-in LED lighting in the corridor, abandoning the interesting design of lighting fixtures. In corridors and halls, there are a lot of options for arrangement. These are the rooms we enter when we enter any dwelling, and everyone spends a lot of time there, especially in the living room. In addition, both corridors and lobbies are often indirectly part of it, or adjacent to open kitchens. Consequently, it is important to make sure that they have the same stylistic execution and form a single whole. And, of course, remember the two-meter rule.   

Millisel kõrgusel aga  peaks rippuma valgusti lõunalaua kohal? Valgustusseadet soovitatakse paigaldada laua kohale 75-90 cm kõrgusel. Kui riputate selle madalamale, võivad tekkida probleemid lauaplaadi kasutamisel – laua katmisel, taldrikute koristamisel, söömisel. Taoline ulatus on aktuaalne, kui ruumides olevad laed on üsna madalad, umbes 2,5 m. Kui aga laed on kõrgemad, peaks iga uue 30 cm korral tõstma valgustusseadet veel 10 cm võrra. Näiteks, kui kõrgus küündib 3 meetrini, võib paigaldada valgusti 15 cm võrra kõrgemale, kui eelnevas olukorras. Lõunaala kohal rippuv lühter paistab imelisena, seda eriti pimedal ajal. Valgustavad nad ju kogu ruumi ning tänu nendele luuakse romantiline ja kambriõhkkond. Sellega tagatakse nii laua, kui selle taga istuvate inimeste hea valgustus.

When it comes to lighting fixtures that hang over the table and have an open plafond, it is important to hang them so that the light does not dazzle those who are dining. There is no need to choose light bulbs that are too bright - the table can be lit with a light source with a wattage of fewer than 60 watts. But if you still want to use powerful bulbs, you should pay attention to the opal glass lamps, and to evenly disperse the light should place the lamp shade at a distance of 1.5 meters above the table.  

And if you want to decorate the dining area with two lamps, then it is important to know that here, too, there are secrets for even lighting of the space. 

And if you want to decorate the dining area with two lamps, then it is important to know that here, too, there are secrets for even lighting of the space. For example, you need the chandeliers to divide the tabletop into three equal parts. As in the case of a two-meter table: you need to hang the lamps at a distance of 65 and 130 cm from one end.  

Pidage meeles, et paigaldatud lamp, nagu ka lambivari määravad laelambilt tuleva  valguse raadiuse. Valguse täpne suund tagatakse kitsa ja pika, valguse hajutamist aga ümara lambiga.   

Technical restrictions on lamp height  

It is worth remembering that some technical limitations can be encountered when placing lighting fixtures in a space. Often the correct placement of the chandelier is determined by how the cables go on the ceiling, and what their length and nature are. But it is important to understand that the market abounds with suggestions that are suitable for all occasions. So, for example, you can choose the option where there are additional fixing ropes. Thanks to them, you can place lighting fixtures in any convenient place. Due to this, there is a wide scope in the field of interior lighting solutions.  


So, to solve the problem with the correct positioning of the lighting fixture in the space is possible. Yes, it is not uncommon for buyers to encounter such problems as too small or large fixtures, or chandeliers that are not too well chosen. But they can be avoided. When choosing a new lamp or replacing an old one, remember that the purchase should be guided by its size, not cost. If you pay attention only to the price, then later you may be confronted with the fact that the selected product is not suitable for the room. It is therefore important to take into account the daylight color in the room, its size, the size of the lighting fixture itself, and the number of windows. This will make it possible to choose the perfect one for every occasion.  

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