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Choosing lighting for the dining room: Tips and advice

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Choosing lighting for the dining room: Tips and advice

The dining room is a place where not only the body is confirmed, but also the day's impressions and moments are shared with family and/or friends. The right lighting in the dining room helps create a cozy and inviting atmosphere and provides a comfortable environment for enjoying food and chatting. Here are some tips for choosing lighting for the dining room or corner.

Different approaches to dining room lighting.

When lighting the dining room, it is important to consider both functional and decorative aspects. Here are some common approaches:


General lighting

General lighting creates uniform light in the room, which illuminates the entire room. Ceiling lamps, wall lights or a track system can be used for this.

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Localised lighting:

Localised lighting focuses on the dining table, providing enough light for serving food and cosy conversation. Hanging lamps or table lamps can be used for this.

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Chandelier or hanging lamp:

One of the most common questions when lighting a dining room is whether to choose a chandelier or a pendant lamp. Both have their advantages and are suitable for different interior design styles.

– Chandelier: A traditional choice that adds elegance and style to the dining room. Chandeliers come in a variety of sizes and styles and can also be decorative focal points.

– Pendant lamp: A modern and diverse selection of lighting fixtures that provide lighting aimed at the dining table. Pendant lamps are available in various designs and sizes and are perfect for modern interiors.

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The placement height of the lamps ensures comfortable sitting around the table:

It is important to place the lights at the right height to ensure comfortable seating around the table and to avoid glare. It is usually recommended to place pendant lamps at a height of about 75 to 90 cm from the table surface. This ensures sufficient lighting for both the table and the company.

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Use of modern track systems:

Modern track systems can be an excellent choice for dining room lighting, as they provide flexible and customizable lighting. Track systems allow you to adjust the location and intensity of the lights, taking into account the size of the room and the needs of the interior.

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In conclusion

The dining room is where special memories are made and good meals are enjoyed with loved ones. The right lighting helps to create a pleasant atmosphere and ensures a comfortable time together. Choose lights that match your interior design and meet your needs, and enjoy unforgettable moments in your dining room.

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