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Selection of product

  • Select the items you like and add them to your basket.
  • In case the product is available in various finish possibilities, sizes technical information etc, please select the most suitable item. In case different variations of the product have different prices they will be shown automatically.
  • We recommend also choosing suitable bulbs for your lightings. In case the light source is already included with lighting there is a respective note at the lighting description.
  • For an overview of the products placed in the shopping cart press the button “shopping cart”.


  • We use DPD Company for our goods delivery in order to ensure delivery accuracy and goods safety coupled with reasonable delivery cost.
  • Upon receiving the products make sure to check its condition. In case the merchandise has been damaged or ruined during transport make notes with the courier and contact us as soon as possible by phone or by e-mail. Later complaints about external defects will be very difficult to settle.

Privacy and security

  • Shopping in our shop is safe. We offer you an affordable and comfortable shopping environment, and we are reliable partners. We sell only high-quality certified goods. Customer data privacy and security are our first priority. You have the right to request removal of your data from our shop database at any time. Customer data will never be transmitted to third parties, except in cases required by law.


  • If you have any further questions, please contact us on our info telephone: +372 58539035 (10.00-18.00), or e-mail address:

Registration and payment

  • While putting together the order you will automatically be shown the transportation costs. Transportation costs depend on the dimensions and weight of the product, but are usually in a range of 15-20EUR.
  • To finish purchasing process and proceed with payment please move to “payment” page, where you can register yourself or continue as a guest to finalize purchasing process.
  • To register, please fill in the boxes with correct information and choose a suitable username and password. Make sure the address and contact information is correct. This is important for timely and accurate delivery.
  • After registering you can choose between two options: a. Pay immediately through Internet bank or b. We send you an invoice for prepayment in pdf format within 24 hours. Please note the considered delivery time will start after bank transaction executed. In case you proceed with Internet bank payment and have finalized payment process, please return back to main page by pressing “Back to purchase” button.

Warranty and goods exchange

  • For every product there is a 1 year warranty. Life-span in case of proper use is up to 8 years. Invoice serves as warranty certificate. Warranty is not covering sources of light and bulbs.
  • In case you discover an internal defect within 14 days after goods delivery, we will replace defected item at no extra cost.
  • In case of defected product replacement we do not charge delivery cost. In case of defected product return we compensate you product and delivery cost.
  • If the products are not suitable for you for any reason, you have the right to send it back in 14 days after the date marked in the bill. The item must be undamaged and in original package! We will return your funds in 14 days after we have received the article to our warehouse. In case you decide to return a product within 14 days we compensate cost of goods but do not compensate cost of delivery. In case you decide to replacement products we charge all related to/from delivery cost and products’ cost difference.

Rights and obligations of the seller

  • may change the content of current shopping guide without any separate notice to the Purchasers, by changing the information on the website.
  • If, for any reason, the ordered product is out of stock or, for any reason the item has become unsellable, we offer the Client a similar product with an equal or higher value to replace the chosen goods. If the Client does not want to replace the selected goods, we instantly return the money paid.
  • is not responsible for any technical problems like Internet connection interruptions, server failures or failure to use the e-shop.
  • Any and all disagreements will be resolved through negotiations between the parties to find the best possible solution for the customer in compliance with Estonian laws.

Special proposal

  • We propose special conditions to interior designers and wholesalers. Apart of that we will be happy to share links to your projects at our web-shop in order to inform our customers about your accomplishments and capabilities. For detailed information do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: or by phone: +372 58539035.