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Floor lamps

Why do you need a floor lamp? Floor lamps are the most mobile part of home lighting. Did you move a chair, table, sofa or nightstand at home? The floor lamp can also easily be moved to them. If you feel that something is missing in the interior of the room, try placing a floor lamp next to the bed or sofa. If the situation improves, there is an opportunity to buy another floor lamp.

Before buying a floor lamp, we recommend observing yourself and your loved ones - where do you most often spend time in the apartment? Where is there no additional lighting? Do you need to enhance the main lighting or can a floor lamp do the job? This observation makes it possible to understand how to match the floor lamp to the interior. In addition, there are models of floor lamps - for example, a lamp with a large dome and a high arched leg - which can also replace the main light source located in the ceiling.

Today's floor lamps surprise with different models, colors and materials used. Sometimes it is enough to replace a model with a classic lampshade for a model without a lampshade or without a dome in the form of geometric shapes to get an updated room without repairs or replacing furniture. And that's not all - many models of floor lamps allow you to change the decorative lampshade without changing the lamp base. Experimenting with individual elements of the interior is easier than with the whole room.

Depending on the installation location of the floor lamp, you should choose models with a specific light beam direction. For example, floor lamps with diffused light are suitable for the bedroom. These are models with a lampshade. Light passing through glass or fabric is soft and diffuse. Targeted light is suitable for working or reading. Lamps with reflected light aimed at the wall or ceiling create an atmosphere in large rooms with different purposes.

Find the right floor lamp for you!

The LightConcept e-shop offers floor lamps from various manufacturers, made of various materials and in a wide range of prices. Unsuitable lamps can be returned in their original packaging within 14 days from the date of purchase. You can pick up the goods as a courier delivery service or by picking them up at our warehouse.