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People don't buy lamps, they buy light.

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About Us

The LightConcept online store has been operating since 2015.

We were among the first lighting shops that brought trendy Loft-style chandelier, ceiling, and wall lighting to the Baltic countries.

Currently, the store has more than 500 lighting products from more than 10 manufacturers around Europe, and the number of producers in our lighting shop is constantly growing.

We came up with this store to share our passion for well-chosen, modern and functional home and work lighting.

We constantly review newly developed collections and select the most interesting lighting items to present in our lighting shop

To provide you with up-to-date, top-notch lighting fixtures for the ceiling, the walls, the bedroom, and the living room. For reading and cooking. For the entire apartment or house.

In addition, on our pages, you can find ideal lighting solutions for trendy restaurants, bars, nightclubs, as well as for offices.

We do not have a showroom, but this allows us to reduce costs and therefore offer you the best prices. 

You can always return or exchange lamps that do not fit your space or design, so our lack of retail space should not stop you. And the return process is really simple and easy.

We provide the most favorable conditions for designers and are always ready to find any special lighting item from European manufacturers, even if they are not presented in our store at the moment.

We are also ready to advise you if you have any questions about the required number of lighting fixtures and the power of illumination for your room, venue, or house. In addition, we are ready to help with the development of the optimal technical solution to ensure modern, impactful, and efficient lighting systems for you.