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LED bulbs

Today, LED lamps are the most durable, stable and energy-efficient light sources. No doubt they have their pros and cons, but the pros definitely outweigh. So far, nothing new has been created in the world that surpasses LED lamps in terms of efficiency and comfort. The energy efficiency of light bulbs is the ratio between the consumed power and the luminous flux. Simply put, how much you pay for electricity and how much actual light you get. Therefore, the use of light-emitting diode lamps is currently the most profitable.

In addition, if we are talking about LED bulbs, it is important to know that modern LED bulbs can be purchased with any color temperature. Read about the importance of choosing the right color temperature in our article. If fluorescent lamps with their cold tint and flicker quickly tire the eyes, then LED bulbs do not suffer from this. And everyone’s favorite incandescent lamps, which produce warm light, cannot compete with LED bulbs in terms of service life and light output.

LED bulbs can be chosen in any light shade; they will not flicker and irritate the eyes, and their service life will be long. And your energy bills won't be so scary.

Advantages of LED bulbs:

  • low energy consumption - on average eight times less than incandescent lamps;
  • long service life - lasts 25–30 times longer than incandescent lamps;
  • almost do not heat up, safe to use;
  • wide range of radiation colors;
  • stable lighting brightness even with fluctuations in supply voltage.

LED bulbs are ideal for chandeliers and wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.

LED lamps and LED bulbs, compared to traditional lamps, are a fundamentally new solution for lighting. The economic benefits of switching to such light sources are quite tangible.

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