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Air fans

This is not the first summer when global warming has made itself felt in our cool climate, and installing an air conditioner in an apartment building is a long, expensive and sometimes even impossible undertaking. A lamp with a built-in fan can be a great solution for hot stuffy days and nights.
While in the past the mention of a ceiling fan brought a sour look on the face of designers, now there are many elegant and modern lights with built-in fans on the market. There are even fans with completely invisible blades, so they don't stand out at all. Everyone's attention is only on the modern lamp.
You can also choose a light fixture with a fan, the blades of which match the color or texture of the room finish. For example, if the room has wooden panels, you can choose a fan with blades that match their color. There are also modern models whose blades are hidden behind the lamp housing and open only when the fan is started.
A light with a fan does not differ much in its design from an ordinary ceiling fan. Just on the lower stationary part, the lighting device is also attached. Both the lamp and the fan motor are powered by the same source. In addition, the models have additional functions: a remote control or a wired switch.
Another important detail for our time: the cost of a light with a fan is incomparably lower than the cost of an air conditioner. And besides, such a lamp consumes much less electricity than an air conditioner.
In order for the fan to function properly, the size of the room and the distance from the ceiling to the furniture must be taken into account. It is also important to maintain a distance of 20 cm between the fan blades and the furniture or wall. This is the minimum distance to ensure optimal air movement. In larger rooms, it is recommended to choose fans with a smaller number of blades, and vice versa - the smaller the room, the more fan blades should be chosen.
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