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Have you bought a new chandelier? Have you installed a modern track lighting system? Did you install a wall or floor lamp? What else is needed to fill the room with light? – A bulb. Without this small technical detail, the lamp is only part of the interior.

Buy a light bulb in the LightConcept online store, here you can find a large selection of light sources for every taste. We have Edison decorative bulbs with a glowing spiral filament as well as modern energy-saving lamps.

Previously, you could only find incandescent lamps on sale, which differed from each other only in terms of power. But now the choice of light sources has increased significantly. Incandescent bulbs, energy-saving light emitting diodes (LED), fluorescent and halogen lamps are used for lamps with different purposes.

Until recently, light bulbs were the most popular in the world. They are characterized by a low price, fast switching on, color pleasing to the human eye and various capacities. The main disadvantages are low efficiency, high energy consumption and short service life.

Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are by far the most efficient and common light sources. They are widely used in domestic and industrial premises, shops, museums. They are characterized by a long service life. Until recently, LED lamps were quite expensive, but now their price has become quite affordable for all consumers.

Fluorescent bulbs are mainly used for outdoor lighting and in large, often industrial, spaces. They have excellent light output and an affordable price. However, due to the small amount of mercury, they require special disposal and their flashing light can cause increased fatigue.

Halogen lamps are improved incandescent bulbs. Their service life is longer, the light output is higher.

The lamps differ in the type of socket. Threaded E-type sockets are most commonly used. After the letter there is a number that indicates the diameter of the part to be screwed in. Some of the most popular are the E14 and E27 threaded sockets. G-type push-in sockets, R-sockets with recessed contacts, slide-in S-sockets and others are also known.

The birthday of the light bulb is July 24, 1874. Thomas Alva Edison studied all the world's inventions and connected them together. He is now considered the creator of the light bulb. He studied all the inventions of the world, improved them, got the incandescent lamp and patented the device that is still called by his name - Edison's bulb.