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Spot lighting

On the website of the you can find a large selection of different spotlights.

With their help, it is easy and simple to organize directional lighting of a particular element of furniture, interior element, or work surface. Spotlights are used in design projects to illuminate suspended or multi-level ceilings. But, in addition, spotlights can also be used on concrete ceilings.

Spotlights are additional lighting to the main lighting element. With their help, various decorative, design effects are reproduced.

In spotlights, energy-saving power sources are most often used, so they allow you to reduce your electricity bill, and their compact size allows you to mount spots in different quantities, even in tight spaces, without eating up space.

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E-pood LightConcept pakub erinevate tootjate Spotisid. Mittesobiva valgusti saab tagastada originaalpakendis 14 päeva jooksul alates ostukuupäevast. Kauba saab kätte kulleriga kohaletoimetamise teenusena või tulles ise järele meie lattu.