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LED Strips

Gone are the days when lighting with LED strips looked like something exotic and unsuitable for everyday life and home use. Currently, thousands of people use LED strips in their homes, cars, cottages and other places. On the LightConcept website, we offer various options for using LED strips.

Even the main ceiling lighting of a room can be made using an LED strip. The light source is hidden in a niche and the light flow simply comes through. So there is no need to even use chandeliers or other pendant lights, which often eat up the space in rooms with low ceilings.

For multi-level ceilings, combined lighting can be created by combining the use of LED strips and ceiling or pendant lights.

LED strips can be used for decorative lighting. For this, both single-colored and multi-colored strips are applied.

A stunning effect can be created by using LED strips to illuminate onyx panels, they are widely used for decorative finishing in hotels, restaurants and offices.

The stretch ceiling can also be fully illuminated with LED strip. This creates the effect of expanding the room and increasing the height of the ceiling.

In addition, LED strips illuminate workplaces. It can be a work surface in the kitchen or a workbench in the garage. Such lighting is very practical, does not irritate the eyes and is directed exactly where it is needed.

Nowadays, curtain lighting has also become a fashionable way to use LED strips. The strip is discreetly installed behind the cornice and the light simply spills over the surface of the curtains. Using such a technique, you can create a very interesting decorative addition at home.

LED strips are also used to illuminate the wardrobes both outside and inside. And also for lighting skirting boards. In addition, mirrors, bookshelves, bar counters and even beds are illuminated using LED strips.

As you can see, there are many uses for LED strips. And in the LightConcept lighting e-store, you can find both the LED strips themselves and numerous accessories for sale.