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Wall lighting

A wall lighting is a source of light that complements the main lighting fixtures. It is a necessary interior element in every home. No room in your apartment is complete without wall lighting.

Our website lightconс offers a wide range of wall lightings. These are items with different directions of light - both up and down, lamps with different types of switches - with their switch on the wire or connected to the main power source in the wall. We sell wall lighting of various styles: modern, loft, industrial, hi-tech, and classic. loft, ampiir, high tech, klassika.

We will help you choose wall lighting with the various quantity of light sources you need.

Our site presents wall lamps for various purposes: for highlighting paintings and photographs, for reading and handicrafts, for working in the kitchen, and for creating mood in the bedroom or children's room.

The main areas or venues where you can install wall lighting:

  • • Above an armchair, a sofa in a living room to create a reading or communication area;
  • • In the bedroom above the bed on both sides for lighting;
  • • In a corridor or other long and narrow area;
  • • In the bathroom above the mirror;
  • • As a night light in a children's room;
  • • Along the stairs;
  • • Above the table in the kitchen or dining area;
  • • On the balcony or outside of your house.

We are waiting for you in our online store! Let us help you find the perfect wall lighting solution for your home or office.

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