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Track lighting

Track lightings are stylish, reliable, and functional. With the help of track lighting, you can organize the illumination of your home, shop, restaurant, or office, regardless of the power sources on the ceiling. Track lights are a great solution for rooms with low and high ceilings. Thanks to a variety of connection options, track lights will provide enough lighting for any space, distributed equally, even with only one power source. And the appearance of the lighting fixture will be modern and up to date.

In our online store you will find a wide selection of track lighting from various manufacturers for every taste, configuration, and budget.

We will help you with the choice, we can draw a connection diagram, and we will select the lighting elements that are suitable for a particular room. Write to us at or via the contact form on the website. või veebilehel oleva kontaktivormi kaudu.

We have various types of lampshades, suspensions, and decorative lamps. Available in single-phase, dual-phase, and three-phase systems.

When choosing track lights, you choose safety, space-saving, and environmental friendliness.

Track lights are an excellent solution for lighting kitchens, living rooms, as well as bedrooms, and workspaces.

Guarantee, quality, design.

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