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10 best table lamps 2023: The perfect choice for your home


10 best table lamps 2023: The perfect choice for your home


Are you looking for the perfect table lamp that not only fulfils its practical purpose but also adds style and personality to the room? The year 2023 brought a lot of innovative and stylish table lamps. In the "10 best table lamps 2023" ranking compiled by us, we present the best models, their different types and selection criteria.

Types of table lamps:

Before moving on to the best models, it is important to understand the variety of table lamps. They are usually divided into:

108053 simul 2

Markslöjd Simul 108053 – LightConcept

Decorative table lamps: mainly intended as a personal interior item, emphasizing a certain design style.

Functional table lamps: primarily for reading or working, providing strong and directional light.

Bedside lamps: provide soft lighting, creating a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom or lounge area.


The best table lamp models of 2023:

In our carefully selected ranking, we present the ten best table lamps of 2023:


Markslöjd Christinehof 102047a – LightConcept

1. CHRISTINEHOF-MS-102047– Classic Elegance: Ideal for those who value timeless design.

2. PORTLAND-MS-108583– Efficient and Functional: A great choice for an office or work corner.

3. LUNDEN-MS-107944– A modern work of art: Perfect for a modern interior.

4. CURTIS-TRL-579790108 – Energy-efficient Choice: Good for both the wallet and the environment.

5.BANKERS-MS-10593 – Antique Pearl: Ideal for lovers of vintage style.

6.DOG-TRL-R52651106 – Smart and Stylish: Compatible with smart devices and offers different light modes.

R52651106 A

Trio-lighting Dog R52651106 – LightConcept

7. TABA-TRL-R50511079 – The Benchmark of Minimalism: Clean and simple design that suits every room.

8. MANSION-MS-107039 – Colorful Joy: Offers colorful lighting solutions and adds character to the room.

9. LED Rechargeable Table Lamp-61090 – Touch Elegance: Combines a classic look with modern technology.

10. AGRA-MS-108222 – Inspired by Nature: Made from natural materials, bringing nature into your home.


Markslöjd Agra 108222 – LightConcept

Table lamp selection criteria:

When choosing the best table lamp, consider the following factors:

The strength and quality of the light flux: it is important that the light source provides suitable lighting for the eyes.

Design and style: the light should match the rest of the interior.

Material quality and durability: a good light should last for years.

Energy efficiency: Think about the environment as well as your electricity bills.

Additional functions: for example dimmable, changing the colour temperature or smart control.

Anemon 400536 410507 420525 M1

Belid Anemon 400536 410507 420525 – LightConcept


Are you looking for something classic or modern, functional or simply outstanding? Our ranking "10 best table lamps 2023" offers options for every taste and need. Choose the most suitable one for you and add that special touch to your room!


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