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Lighting in the children's room: How to create the perfect lighting for a toddler and school-age child

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Lighting in the children's room: How to create the perfect lighting for a toddler and school-age child

Lighting plays an important role in designing a children's room because it not only creates a pleasant atmosphere but also affects the child's learning and playing environment. How to ensure optimal lighting in the room of a toddler and/or school-aged child? Here are some tips and suggestions.


Toddler room lighting:

When planning the lighting of a toddler's room, it is important to consider the child's needs and safety. Toddlers spend a lot of time playing and exploring the world, so lighting should be adequate but not too bright.

Important Features and Needs:

Soft lighting: Prefer soft and diffused lighting that does not irritate the child's eyes. Ceiling and wall lights provide soft light and create a comfortable environment.

Safety: Make sure lights are child-safe, easy to turn on and off, and that wires are well hidden.

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Lighting of a school-age child's room:

School-age children's room lighting should support their learning and concentration. In addition, it should also provide a comfortable environment for reading and other activities.

Important Features and Needs:

Lighting control: Choose adjustable lighting that allows you to change the intensity of the light as needed. A table lamp or a lamp with an adjustable height allows the child to adjust the light according to the activity.

Reading corner: Create a separate area for reading with enough light and comfortable seating.

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Light temperature selection:

Lighting temperature plays an important role in lighting comfort and the atmosphere it creates. Choose warm light for a toddler's room, as it creates a cosy and calming environment. Both warm and neutral light can be used in the room of school-age children, depending on the children's preferences and activities.


Using different lighting fixtures:

Different types of lamps offer different advantages and are suitable for different activities.

Table lamps: An ideal choice for lighting both the reading corner and the desk.

Ceiling and wall lights: To create soft light as general lighting.

LED lights: Energy-efficient and long-lasting lights that are well-suited for children's rooms.

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All in all, the lighting in the children's room is an important part of the child's development environment. The needs of toddlers and school-age children are different, so it's worth choosing lighting solutions that take their age and activities into account. The right lighting creates a comfortable and supportive environment where children can play, learn and grow.


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