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Month's Color: White. The use of lights in different interiors

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Month's Color: White. The use of lights in different interiors

White is a classic color that gives a room a spacious and clean look and creates an overall atmosphere. Here are some tips and ideas for using different white lights in different interiors.


White lights bring purity and elegance to the room, fitting perfectly into both modern and classic interiors. They help to create a more spacious and inviting atmosphere that is ideal for both everyday work and special events. The color white gives you the opportunity to play with light and shadows, bringing out the best features of the room and at the same time creating a calming and inspiring environment.


Ceiling lighting

900487 01

Light Concept OÜ

Ceiling lights are a great choice in the living room, dining room or bedroom as they provide general lighting and add elegance to the room. White ceiling lamps give the room a light and airy accent and go well with modern or Scandinavian style.


Wall lighting


Light Concept OÜ


White wall lights are practical and versatile, perfect for a hallway, hallway, bedroom or bathroom. They create a soft light that adds comfort and cosiness to the room and can also be eye-catching decorative elements.


Floor lamps


Light Concept OÜ

White floor lamps can be used for both functional and decorative lighting. They are perfect for reading corners, living room corners or modern offices, giving the room a stylish and modern look.


Table lamps

AGNESE L 1300x1300

Light Concept OÜ

White table lamps are ideal for desks, bedside tables or other pieces of furniture. They provide directional lighting suitable for reading, working or doing hobbies and help create a cosy atmosphere.


Pendant lamps

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Light Concept OÜ

White pendant lamps are a great choice in the dining room, kitchen or stairwell, creating an elegant and stylish atmosphere. They provide directional lighting on the dining table or kitchen island and add visual interest and effect to the room.


In conclusion


White lamps are versatile and stylish elements in any interior, creating a bright and airy accent and adding comfort and coziness to the room. Choose white lamps that match the interior design of the room and meet your needs, and enjoy the exciting possibilities of creating light and atmosphere in your home.


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