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Cosy reading lamps: Tips and recommendations

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Cosy reading lamps: Tips and recommendations

Reading is a great way to relax or learn new things, but to make the reading experience even more enjoyable and comfortable, the right lighting is very important. Here are some tips and recommendations for choosing reading lamps.


The right reading lighting is important in every home, creating the perfect environment for relaxation and broadening your horizons. In addition to functionality, reading lamps can also be eye-catching furnishing elements that complement the interior of your home. Choose stylish and practical lights that match your personal taste and preferences and emphasize the coziness of the reading corner.

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Wall lamps:


Wall lamps are an ideal choice for a reading corner as they provide directional lighting without taking up valuable floor space. Wall lamps can also be adjustable, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it.

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Floor lamps and their types:


Floor lamps are a great addition to any reading corner, providing enough light and natural comfort. Here are some types of floor lamps to consider:


"Lantern" type floor lamps - with a light source at the top of a straight base.

It can be equipped with an additional lamp on a flexible mount for easier reading.

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Irregularly shaped floor lamps - usually they are curved or asymmetrical.


A floor lamp with a light source mounted on a long arc - can replace a ceiling light. The arc lamp is versatile and elegant, and its light comfortably extends beyond the reading corner.

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The importance of the correct color temperature:


The correct color temperature plays an important role in the comfort and efficiency of reading. It is recommended to choose lights that offer a warm color temperature (around 2700K to 3000K), as this creates a comfortable and soothing light that does not strain the eyes or interfere with reading.


In summary: the right lighting is the key to comfortable and enjoyable reading. Choose reading lamps that suit your needs and interior style and enjoy a relaxing reading experience.

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