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How to make the light fixture the main character in the bedroom

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How to make the light fixture the main character in the bedroom

Your bedroom is where you spend a significant part of your time. That is why it is important that this space is cozy and inviting. One of the easiest and most effective ways to change the mood of the bedroom is to choose the right lighting. In this article, we will talk about how to make the lamp the main character in the bedroom.


Pendant lights made of materials with different textures

One way to make the lamp eye-catching in the bedroom is to choose a pendant light made of different textured materials. For example, you can consider wooden, metal or glass lighting fixtures. These textures add character to the room and give it a warm and inviting atmosphere. Choose a lamp that matches the general style of your bedroom.

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Massive chandeliers

Massive chandelier is a great way to make a lamp the focal point of a bedroom - it can add luxury and elegance to the room. When choosing a massive chandelier, pay attention to its size and shape so that it fits well with the proportions of the room. In addition, massive chandeliers allow you to play with the light intensity to create the right mood.

interior H001CL 05BS 1 low

Chandelier Maytoni H001CL 05BS - LightConcept

Wall lamps as the main light sources

If you want to make the bedroom lighting more diverse, it is reasonable to consider using wall lamps as the main light sources. They give you the opportunity to direct light where you need it most. Choose a stylish wall lamp that matches the design of your bedroom and adjust it to create the desired mood.

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Original lampshades

The choice of lampshades is another way to make the lamp stand out in the bedroom. Choose original lampshades that stand out and match the style of the room. When choosing lampshades, you can play with color, patterns and materials to create a unique look.

interrior ARM013 11 W low

Chandelier Maytoni  ARM013 11 W – LightConcept

Pair of lights

Couple lamps are a great way to balance the lighting in the bedroom and create a harmonious atmosphere. You can choose two similar lamps or completely different ones that create a pleasant contrast. Couple lamps can be placed on the bedside table or on the edges of the bedroom, giving the opportunity to create a symmetrical design.

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Massive floor lamps

If your bedroom is spacious enough, you can consider adding a massive floor lamp. Such lamps give the room an impressive look and clearly make the lamp the main element. Floor lamps there are different styles and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your bedroom design.

Põrandalamp_Globo_ Xirena_Kroom_1 pirn_LightConcept_xirena 58286 g19543 2

Floor lamp Globo LightConcept

All in all, choosing the right lighting can make the lamp a real protagonist in the bedroom. Choose pendant lights from materials with different textures, massive chandeliers, wall lamps as the main light sources, original lampshades, paired lamps or massive floor lamps according to your preferences and bedroom design. If you choose your favorite lamps carefully, you can create a unique and memorable atmosphere in your bedroom.


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