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Lighting of large rooms

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Lighting of large rooms

Welcome to our lighting shop article on lighting large spaces! Large rooms offer endless opportunities to create inspiring lighting, but they need a precise approach to ensure comprehensive lighting, comfort and also safety of the room.


General lighting

The first step in lighting large spaces is creating general lighting. For this, you can use ceiling lamps that can cover a large surface evenly. The light sources should be powerful enough to spread the light evenly and ensure good visibility throughout the room.

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Accent lighting

Accent lighting adds depth to the room and emphasizes important elements of the room such as decorative items, paintings or architectural features. For large rooms, you could also consider wall lights that create focal points or use floor lamps to emphasize different parts of the room and create coziness.

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LED panel –  LightConcept 

Functional lighting

Functional lighting is important in large rooms because it provides lighting for work spaces or specific areas. For example, in the kitchen, separate lighting may be needed above the work surfaces or to illuminate a larger table in the dining room. Pendant lights, table and floor lamps, or wall lights that can be adjusted according to needs are well suited for this.


Different types of lamps

For lighting large rooms, there are several types of lamps that help achieve the desired lighting effect:

Table lamps: They create a cozy light and are perfect for creating a work or reading corner in large rooms.

Floor lamps: A great choice for large rooms to add accent lighting or illuminate larger areas.

Wall lamps: The perfect way to create accent lighting and highlight decorative elements in a room.


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Light distribution

Proper distribution of light is key to avoid dark corners and ensure uniform illumination throughout the room. The lights can be placed strategically, taking into account the size and purpose of the room, to achieve optimal lighting in all areas of the room.



In large rooms, the impact of lighting on general security should also be taken into account. To ensure safety, it is important to avoid glare or excessive contrast, especially in areas with active movement. Electrical systems should also be installed correctly and meet safety requirements.

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interior TRX004 211B – LightConcept

Lighting control methods

Lighting control can be an important part of lighting large spaces. Smart lighting systems allow you to adjust the lighting according to your needs, creating different atmospheres and saving energy at the same time. The lighting can be controlled by remote control or smart devices, which make adjusting the lighting convenient and easy to do.


In conclusion, when lighting large spaces, it is important to balance general, accent and functional lighting, while ensuring good visibility, coziness and also safety. The use of different types of lamps helps to create versatile lighting, and the right lighting can make a large room attractive and comfortable for everyday use and create a pleasant atmosphere.


If you have any questions about the choice of lighting or the placement, please contact us. We are here to help you find the best solutions for lighting large spaces!

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