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LUSSOLE – is a well-known decorative lighting brand that represents uncompromised quality, modern design and well-balanced pricing. This is a team of professionals, who carefully monitor and control the whole production process of a wide range of lighting solutions, starting from ideas generation and design development all the way through to product delivery to the customers and consumers.

The high quality of lighting solution by LUSSOLE is widely recognized and perfectly serves to various interests and preferences of demanding consumers. The company pays paramount attention to the quality of finish goods as well as to the components used for LUSSOLE lighting production. Before sending to customers, all products are passing through strict quality control. All LUSSOLE products are manufactured in accordance with high European standards.

LUSSOLE regularly run consumers’ preferences and market evolution researches in order to be on the edge of evolving modern trends in lighting solution design and functionality.

Vintage (or LOFT) design is one of the latest trends in lighting and bulb production that has been successfully developed by LUSSOLE in 2015-2016 collections. Vintage (LOFT) – is a recently emerged trend in design of modern apartment, clubs, bars and restaurants that widely employs contemporary lighting solution grounded on timeless Edison incandescent bulb coupled with beautiful glass and bronze old-fashioned light fittings solutions.