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How to change the lighting in a Mom's apartment: energy-saving light sources and modern lights

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How to change the lighting in a Mom's apartment: energy-saving light sources and modern lights

Our mother's home has always been a special place for us - our refuge and source of support. One way to celebrate this specialness is to create cozy and modern lighting for it. Old and energy-intensive light sources can be both inefficient and boring. However, today's lighting options offer several innovative and effective lighting solutions that can significantly change our home.


Energy-saving light sources

If you want to make the lighting in your mother more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, the first step is to use energy-efficient light sources. Instead of conventional light bulbs, you can consider LED lights or energy-saving bulbs. Not only do they reduce your electricity bill, but they also last longer, further helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Wall lamp LightConcept Maytoni interior P090WL L24CH3K

Wall lamp LightConcept Maytoni interior P090WL L24CH3K

Modern ceiling lamps

Soviet-era ceiling lamps may have historical value, but their design and efficiency may not always meet today's standards. Modern ceiling lamps offer a wide range of styles and designs that can give your home a new look. They are available in many sizes and colors and designed for different interiors while also providing better lighting.

Laelamp Riho Kuld 56133 9D LightConcept 2

Ceiling lamp Riho Kuld 56133 9D LightConcept

Floor lamps with LED lighting

Floor Lamps, which use LED technology, are excellent options for lighting the living space. They provide a cozy light and are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They also allow you to create pleasant lighting while being effective in lighting the room.

734269 DC floor black o18 LIFESTYLE

Halo Design 734269Light Concept

Abandoning Soviet-era chandeliers

Many of us have childhood memories of old chandeliers, but their efficiency and aesthetics can be far inferior to modern lighting. Instead, consider modern solutionsthat add style and functionality to mom's home.

Ripplamp luhter Maytoni P097PL L36G4K Light Concept

Chandelier Maytoni P097PL L36G4K Light Concept

New wall lamps

Wall lamps are great ways to light up a room and also add decorative value. Adding new wall lamps can provide additional lighting to your home and highlight the architectural details of the room.

Seinalamp LightConcept Maytoni MOD302WL 02CG interioor

Wall lamp LightConcept Maytoni MOD302WL 02CG

All in all, lighting in our home can change the whole atmosphere and make rooms warmer and more inviting. Energy-saving light sources (for example, LED lamps, modern ceiling lamps and efficient floor lamps) can be excellent choices to give your home modern and economical lighting. In addition, wall lamps are great accessories that can give rooms new dynamics and coziness.


If you want to change the lighting in your home, take a look at our wide selection of energy-saving lights and modern lighting solutions! Contact our experts to find the best lighting solutions for your Mom's house!

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