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7 lighting trends that will make your home brighter and more beautiful in 2024

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7 lighting trends that will make your home brighter and more beautiful in 2024

Lighting is one of the most important home design components that can make a home cozy and modern. In 2024, new trends will bring new possibilities to the world of lighting, creating a more lively and stylish atmosphere in every room. Below, we give a brief overview of seven lighting trends that will bring sparkle and beauty to your home.


 Lighting that carries a message

Large and original design lights will be in the spotlight in 2024. These bold lights are more than just light sources – they are works of art that tell the story of your home's character. Whether you prefer a minimalist or bohemian style, these lamps can create an instant focal point in a room.

interior MOD089PL 08BS (1) low

Maytoni MOD089PL -8BS – LightConcept

 Art Deco style lamps

The elegant and timeless Art Deco style is back in the lighting world. Lamps in this style bring classic elegance, and the playful use of patterns and geometric shapes add exclusivity and style to the room.

Seinalamp LightConcept Maytoni MOD302WL 02CG interioor

LightConcept – Maytoni MOD302WL 02CG 

 Lights with a design inspired by nature

If you love nature, lights with a design inspired by nature will bring the beauty of nature right into your home. These lamps can imitate images of natural elements such as leaves, branches or even animals, creating an organic and calming atmosphere in the room.


Markslöjd Bolid – 108101a -LightConcept

 Beautiful and sufficient lighting outside the house

Don't forget the outdoor lighting too! Beautiful and sufficient outdoor lighting makes your home more attractive and safer. Use lights that highlight the yard or garden, creating a cozy atmosphere in the evenings as well.

laetav led laualamp - LightConcept

Rechargeable LED Table Lamp - LightConcept

 Metal lamps with matte finish

Metal lamps with a matte finish are a great way to add softness and warmth to a room. These lamps gently reflect light and at the same time create a modern and elegant atmosphere.

laevalgustid belid

Belid Diablo 1548777 – LightConcept

 Light bulbs with original shapes

Traditional light bulbs are a thing of the past, because in 2024, light bulbs with original and unusual shapes will gain popularity. Bring out bulbs with unique shapes in the interior, which add character and unexpected excitement to the room.


Globo Basilano-39103 – LightConcept

 Stone and porcelain as lamp decoration

By adding stone or porcelain details to the lamps, you bring natural beauty directly into the lighting. These materials give the lamps texture and uniqueness, while also being eye-catching decorative elements in the home.


Markslöjd Montagna 108683a – LightConcept

Lighting is more than just a practical element – it's an opportunity to express your style and create a home that reflects your personality. Explore different lighting trends and find just the lamps that will make your home shine and create a unique atmosphere.


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